The Gap,

Watsons Bay

Sydney’s most famous ocean cliff

Right on the edge of South Head on the entrance to Sydney Harbour (Port Jackson) stands  this dramatic ocean cliff, with its jagged rocks, pounding surf and awesome views across to Manly at North Head and out to the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. The Gap has a long history that the locals will tell you about when they get to like you! When they do you will start to understand why this mighty cliff face and the bay is such an important part of the very psyche of Sydney. Whether you’re broke or bathed in wealth, this edge of the ocean will stirr something inside you that you’ve never felt before - Trust me, it is worth it! Meanwhile, in the sheltered bay and anchorage on the western side and within the harbour of Port Jackson is the village of Watsons Bay where a beer and seafood wrapped in stunning views, that make goose bumps on goose bumps, become a romantic experience not to be missed!
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