Sydney Hospital

Rub the nose of Il Porcelino for good luck!

If you take a look into Il Porcelino’s eyes (He’s the big porker in the front of Sydney Hospital with the wicked glint in his eyes) You’ll understand what being satisfied and smug in Sydney is all about! But don’t just rub noses and go! - Take a little time to meander through this great example of colonial architecture - sit for a while in the superb little cafe in the courtyard and then find someone in a long white coat and ask about the ghosts of SH if you dare!! The stories go back to when the operating theatre “in the round” taught new surgeons their craft and when their craft wasn’t up to standard they botched it! The botched ones they say, come back regularly to remind us!! Sydney Hospital is steeped in Colonial history. Every stone has a story and every corner leads you to another fascinating story line. Please don’t just pass through this fascinating part of Sydney’s past without stopping at the volunteers’ shop near the front gate where you’ll find something really special for someone really, really special and valuable!
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