Sydney Harbour


Sail under, drive, ride or walk over or trek to the top

Sydney Harbour Bridge can be described with just one word - Awesome! It stretches lazily from one side of the harbour to the other as though awakening from a siesta. But there’s nothing lazy about this ol’ girl! - Hundreds of thousand of vehicles, dozens of fully laden trains, pedestrians galore and cyclists by the score tickle her ribs every day as they race back and forth from the north to the south and then back again just for the heck of it! Seriously though, ever since a romantic guy called Francis de Groot cut the ribbon on opening day back in 1932, the “Coat Hanger”, as she’s referred to by old timers, has been the lifeline of activity in and around Sydney and we love her! Adventures on the bridge itself include an exhibition in the south eastern pylon and a trek to the very top with Bridgeclimb and then of course there’s our world famous fireworks on the bridge - Wow! Sheeesh! Wow!
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Bridgeclimb One of Sydney’s premier tourism experiences! Sydney’s Bridgeclimb offers an experience that lasts a lifetime - It’s an absolute must if youre into safe adventure and you’re not too afraid of heights.’The staff are well trained and professional and the outfits and safety gear are pretty cool! - Your kids will love the whole deal! You must book in advance for Bridgeclimb though, because it is very popular both with locals and visitors alike.    
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