Sydney Fish


OK! OK! Time to “K.O.” your taste buds!

Yep! Sydney’s fish markets are the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere and that’s just in great tastes and variety - and then there’s the size! - not just the size of the fish but the atmosphere! and then there’s the bigness!! - Huge! Massive! Ginormous value - all day, everyday! Get there nice and early, book yourself a table on the waterfront by planting a volunteer and then go shop for pure taste bud indulgence! You can get yourself a bargain serve of fish and chips ‘to die for’ or the whole shebang - platters with lobster and oysters and sashimi and mussels and calamari and . . . and . . . and! There’s usually enough mouth watering delights for four in a platter for two unless you haven’t eaten in weeks! - Enjoy!
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