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Concord Oval

Longbottom Stockade

The name traditionally meant low-lying and swampy but be assured, there’s nothing squishy about the guys in the picture! These are elite footballers and this is one of those grounds that mean so much to the powerful sport of Rugby League. Concord is halfway between Sydney and Parramatta and Longbottom Stockade was a staging post for convict road gangs as they made their way to and from the two centres. As a rule, they were handcuffed together on the road - the more serious criminals such as bushrangers often wore legirons as well. Concord with its supply of fresh water and a place to lay their heads for a night would have been a welcome sight. It’s rumoured that part of the old stockade still exists and only one person knows its whereabouts! The Millenium Walk is interesting.  
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