Sydney’s Chinatown

Aaahhh!! The sights and smells of this fascinating place are like

a magnet for locals! – Take a little wander through and you will

want to keep coming back!

If you like great food, and who doesn’t, there Dixon Street

where food literally happens and thousands are fed as though

they were all at a family meal!

Yum Cha’s are just an extraordinary logistics feat – military

precision without any sign of fuss and bother – Just amazing

AND sooo tasty!

Shopping and more food at the Market Town complex – Great

bargains and good stuff!

And the there’s the world famous Paddy’s Market! Bargains and

more bargains and fresh fruit and veges and spices and toys

and more bargains – Here’s where you may have to tweak your

budget just a little because you will buy something you never

ever thought you would!!

Entertainment is laid on by Sydney’s Entertainment Centre –

THE place for the world’s most famous performers – not once,

not twice but they never stop returning – Must be something

about the place!

Chinatown is on the Light Rail link so when you finally tear

yourself away from the delights, you can trundle around the

block to Darling Harbour and the delights will start all over



Sydney’s Chinatown on a budget to suit YOU!

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