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Callan Park, Rozelle

This was once the “Callan Park Hospital for the Insane”

 . . .today you would be insane if you missed it! If you fancy a little touch of history, restoration, the environment and an amazing world- class location, you will need to set aside a fair bit of time to wander the grounds and have a little chat with a ghost or two! (Just kidding!) Just make sure you bring a cut lunch if you’re doing it slow and easy or be prepared to go a short istance for sustenance! - If you choose the latter, there are some seriously good eating houses in Rozelle just up the road from here. Callan Park is now a huge public park on the shores of Iron Cove. The buildings, some of which housed the old hospital facilities now house the Sydney College of the Arts and the Writers’Centre. These buildings have been magnificently restored and are certainly worth allowing your senses to have a little wallow in their atmosphere! When you reach the rocks at the waters edge, be sure to look down at what you’re standing on or you’ll miss the rock carvings. The jury’s still out on their significance and age however, they are definitely worth checking out if only as fodder for future dinner table “discussions”!
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